Half of cancer diagnoses are curable

Laura Nasi is one of the most respected oncologists in the country, she is among the greatest defenders of integrative medicine, a trend that is prevailing today and is based on personalized dedication to patients with cancer.

The specialist gives surprising data such as that one in two men and one in three women will develop cancer and that obesity is the main cause of this disease. Integrative medicine is a health discipline aimed at caring for patients, family members and health personnel directly or indirectly affected by cancer. This is how Dr. Laura Nasi explains it in this note, where she affirms that each person is a multidimensional being and that is why they must be cared for physically, mentally, emotionally, psycho-social, and spiritual. This care is achieved through an interdisciplinary team that makes use of all appropriate therapies, be they conventional oncology, psycho-oncology, palliative care, and complementary medicines.
According to the specialist, this trend has shown some efficacy and is based on reliable scientific evidence. The purpose is to revalue the therapeutic role of human contact. Integrative Oncology does not reject conventional treatments or accept alternative treatments indiscriminately. Here is an intense talk where the specialist expands on the subject and gives alarming figures.