Today there are more testimonies of people with advanced cancer who managed to overcome and be cure

“Cancer as a way of healing”, by the doctor María Laura Nasi, proposes a comprehensive view of the person affected by this disease, a revealing proposal that not only involves treating what happens to the body but also addressing the psychological, social and spirituality of the patient to find the most suitable treatment and arrive at a cure.

This novel approach seeks self-knowledge through meditation techniques, and is a starting point for anyone – with cancer or not – who sets out to achieve a fuller and healthier life.
The doctor maintains that someone gets sick because they live in a situation of psychophysical imbalance that weakens their immune system. “The health-disease process has to do with how we live and how happy we are. We always think: I’m in poor health, so this is ruining my life, instead of thinking: I’m living badly and that’s why I’m sick” says Nasi in dialogue with Télam.