Integrative medicine in the approach and treatment of cancer

In her first book, “Cancer as a way of healing”, the oncologist María Laura Nasi covers the different stages of the patient from diagnosis to cure. Why is the recovery of balance and good management of emotions key.

Like never before, stress and the way we live is affecting our health, triggering all kinds of diseases. According to the oncologist María Laura Nasi, cancer is not only about cells that grow uncontrollably but also about the inability of our Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine intelligence network to recognize and eliminate them. In his first book, “Cancer as a way of healing”, he assures that becoming aware of this is the first step to generate positive changes and resume a healthy life path.
According to the specialist, diet, exercise, rest, good stress management and self-knowledge are the keys necessary for healing. The key, he says, is to track down the possible causes of internal imbalance and learn how to restore it. “In most cases, combining conventional medicine treatments with therapies to strengthen the immune system, we have the potential to cure the disease from its roots,” he says.